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Cellular Machinery Components

- Jul 26, 2017 -

Honeycomb machinery is the production of honeycomb cardboard products are extremely critical equipment, with fast, efficient, high yield characteristics, slowly become a lot of production of Honeycomb paperboard Enterprise's best choice, some enterprises even equipped with a honeycomb paperboard production line, to achieve the entire production work of the process of operation, improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

The working flow of the honeycomb machine can be divided into five parts, namely: the paper release part of the Honeycomb machine, the stretching and shaping part of the Honeycomb paper core, the Honeycomb paper glue part, the honeycomb mechanical paperboard compound part and the cutting part.

Honeycomb machinery Five work flow is linked, such integration of the pipeline operation is greatly saving the production time, improve work efficiency, increase the economic benefits of enterprises.

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