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Introduction of hand Shake machine

- Jul 26, 2017 -

A hand-operated honey separator, which is arranged in a cylindrical fuselage above the honey container, in the middle of which is fitted with a central shaft with a nest foundation, and the bevel gear above the middle axis is in agreement with the tooth tooth of the bevel gear of the inner end of the horizontal rocker rod, the center of the rocker is placed in a bearing fixed on the cylindrical machine, and the outer end of the cylindrical fuselage is provided with a crank, and a funnel and a filtration device are arranged in the lower part of the central axis with the Nest Foundation.

Use, will be a few pieces of honeycomb vertical into the nest Foundation, hand rocker, you can make the nest of the tripod rotation, its rotating centrifugal action, so that the honeycomb in the foundation of honey to separate into the bottom of the funnel, and filtered by the convex surface filtered into the bottom of the honey container.

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