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Techniques for collecting honey from beehives

- Jul 26, 2017 -

1. First of all, the use of dedicated honey collection tools, can be a shaker, or other special tools, as long as it is convenient to use.

2. In the selection of tools or to use the container, we should keep clean oh, otherwise it is inedible.

3. To properly determine the honey inside the hive is very sufficient, it is time to collect, and then choose the weather when the majority of bees fly out of the outside to collect honey.

4. In the harvest of honey, the action should be carried out as soon as possible, or you can steal bees to find the empty leak, later in your hive honey will be lost.

5. After the collection of honey, it is necessary to filter and disinfect it, and then with clean glass bottles, so that it is conducive to food and preservation.

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