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The initial situation of honeycomb machinery in China

- Jul 26, 2017 -

In China, the first person in the honeycomb machinery is the Li Qingshan in Beijing, in the late 80 's, Li Qingshan based on the technology of the foreign honeycomb products, and then the technology of some cellular products for a variety of reference, to carry out the prototype of honeycomb machinery.

The honeycomb machines that began to develop, can be said not only relatively simple, and the degree of mechanization is also relatively low, can be said to be half mechanized, but after all, can be more with China's technical strength of the Honeycomb paper core manufacturing and on-duty manufacturing, which in China's scientific research and technology is a breakthrough after all. And it is such a simple honeycomb machinery production of related products, in China's market once the emergence of a situation of short supply.

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