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What are the basic requirements for making beehives?

- Jul 26, 2017 -

1. It is important to select materials for making beehives, and should choose the sturdy and lightweight wood in addition this kind of wood also has the characteristic which is not easy to deform, like grows in the north the Korean pine and the white pine is makes the beehive the good material, moreover the southern area fir is also makes the Beehive the good choice, but regardless of chooses which kind of wood makes the beehive, should have the wood to air-dry later

2, in the production of beehives, The hive's walls is very important, it is best to select the whole piece of wood for production, if it is not necessary to have a knot, but also to use the wrong mouth knot to make a strong mouth, or in the future, the bee back and forth, the hive prone to quality problems.

3, everyone in the production of beehives, to the outside of the hive planing, and according to the National Hive standard size to make, in order to buy nest spleen and other beekeeping appliances, it is also more convenient, in addition to the production of good hives, to be painted on the outside of the hive white paint, or with Tung oil to walk several times, so that the extension of the hive life is very good.

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