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Why does Honey crystallize?

- Jul 26, 2017 -

First of all to understand the basic ingredients of honey, honey contains a variety of nutrients, sugar accounted for about 80% of the total substance, of which fructose and glucose saturated accounted for the total sugar content $number, sugar accounted for about 5%.

Since glucose is characterized by its easy crystallization, the separation of honey, at a lower temperature (0-14 degrees) for a period of time, glucose will gradually crystallize, so honey crystallization is actually caused by glucose in honey, which depends mainly on the proportion of glucose and fructose (not easy to crystallize) in honey, which is the percentage of glucose as a reduction sugar.

In general, when the glucose and fructose content is equal to 1:1 crystallization is slow, when the ratio is 1:2, there is no crystallization, when the ratio is 1:0.9, that is, when the glucose content is higher than the fructose content, the crystallization is very fast when the temperature is suitable. For example, the ratio of honey to fructose and glucose is about 2:3, which is not easy to crystallize, and the rate of rape honey is about 18:17.

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