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A Kind Of Temporary Home-made Method Of Shaking Honey Machine

- Jul 26, 2017 -

The first kind of temporary Home-made method: The upper part of the frame cage of the barrel honey machine is drilled a small hole, with a rope about a meters long, one end is fastened through the small hole and the other end is held in the hand. The operation of the first rope wrapped in the upper axis of the cage, from slow to fast parallel pull, at this time, the bucket cage in the barrel from slow to fast to separate honey. After the rope was pulled, the cage was still spinning, and then the hand of the rope was loosened along the speed of the cage and the rope was naturally reversed in the upper part of the axis. After the rope is put out, the second pull is made. Usually pulls the honey to be able to separate cleanly, the homemade wooden barrel cent honey machine uses the pull rope type to rotate, the flower force is small, the speed is fast. and vibration small, this kind of machine economic benefits, amateur beekeepers may wish to try.

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