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Common Bee Tools

- Jul 26, 2017 -

1. Anti-chelating gloves: Made of leather or canvas, compact twill or twill with soft plastic. Used to protect hands from bee stings and to avoid propolis.

2. Bee-field overalls: Made of white cloth, usually with underwear. In the operation of the bee, the cuffs and the foot of the mouth with cloth tape or elastic strap tightly, lest bees from the cuffs or trousers mouth drill people.

3, face network: Also known as the Mask, is a protective tool to prevent bees from pricking the face and wear.

4, up the scraper: is to check the hive when used to pry the lid, the box, the nest frame and scraping the propolis, spleen, wax crumbs and nails of the common tools.

5, the Bee brush: Made of White Horse's mane, is used to brush except attached to the nest spleen, Yu Wang box, the production of Jelly box, box, overalls and other bee tools on the bees.

6. Smoke Burner: A tool for checking bees for Ser and expelling bees.

7. Feeder: A tool for storing liquid feeds (syrup or honey) and water for feeding buzzers, there are nest door feeder, frame beam feeder, box feeder, bottom feeder, nest feeder and other types, beekeepers can be selected according to the specific circumstances.

8, queen Bee Seductive device: When using indirect lure into the Queen of the Law, it is necessary to temporarily put the Queen in the container, placed in the hive, 2-3 days to confirm that the Queen Bee was accepted by the Hive, and then released. This kind of container is called the Queen Bee Lure, mainly has the wooden trap, the buckle spleen attractive device, the whole frame lures the device.

9, queen bee Cage: temporary storage of the Queen's Sarong, can also be used to lure bees into the queen bee.

10, queen Bee Mail: is a special device for mailing queen bee, usually with wood or plastic growth of 80 mm, width of 30 mm, high 18 mm rectangular small cage.

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