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How To Identify Adulterated Honey?

- Jul 26, 2017 -

1. See color: True honey because contains some protein, biological enzymes, minerals and pollen ingredients, so it does not look very clear, white, yellowish or amber, to light color is good;

2. Look at the shape: true honey is viscous liquid, stir the visible soft filament, continuous flow; adulterated honey has suspended matter or precipitate, viscosity small, provoked when the drop-like whereabouts, there is a flow of water, the honey drops on the white paper, if the honey is gradually seeping away, indicating that mixed with sugar and water.

3. Smell: True honey smell pure, natural, there is a faint floral scent of plants; adulterated honey smells pungent or fruity.

4. Tasting: True honey sweet and delicious, have sticky Shang mouth feeling, there is a slight mild sour taste, after a long taste of the crystal block when the teeth bite is crisp, including the meeting; adulterated honey carefully tasted bitter taste or chemical odor, no aromatic fragrance, crystal block chewing such as sugar, sound crisp and loud.

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