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Knowledge Of Beehives

- Jul 26, 2017 -

The hive is a place for bees to reproduce in the beekeeping process, the most basic beekeeping tool, the 1857 American Ranghi invented the living box hives and the subsequent invention of the nest machine and the machine is known as the three major inventions of the bee, and it is the use of these beekeeping tools, the end of thousands of years of traditional beekeeping using the soil nest, the destruction of the nest to take honey production, laid the foundation of the new beekeeping, so that the production of beekeeping huge leap.

At the beginning of the last century live box hives and Italian bees into our country, now use a lot of beehives, such as 10 box hives, Dadan hives, 12 box square hives, and so on, its size is different, but the structure of the basic principle. Novice beekeepers can buy bee hives from the beekeepers, or they can make their own hives according to their specifications.

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