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Peffer Hot Sale Electric Honey Extractor Machine

- Apr 17, 2018 -

Peffer hot sale electric honey extractor machine

Motor,speed controller

• High power design,Higher productivity

• New type speed controller, operate speed more stable

• With horizontal motor, widening flat beam, low center of gravity design, safer to operate

Inner frame

• Inner frame using a reversible design, easier to operate, more thorough separation of honey, higher productivity

• New processing technology, fully consolidate, polished, easy to clean, more durable for use

Barrel body

• Seamless welding technology, more durable to usee, safer, more gorgeous.

• One-step forming convex bottom processing technology which helps honey easy to flow out and durable to use

• Transparent plexiglas lid, it is easier to observe the status of honey split, avoid contamination and honey splash.

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