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The Smoke Burner Is One Of The Important Bee Tools.

- Jul 26, 2017 -

The smoke burner is one of the most important bee-beekeepers when taking honey: Prepare for honey. Shake honey before shaking honey machine, filter, cut honey knife, honey barrels, such as cleaning, bad to repair, smoke spray device is to drive small bees, to prevent bees sting, lift the spleen off bees. Open the lid and vice cover, put forward honey spleen, both hands clenched frame ears, in the box above the 30 cm force up and down quickly shaking, will climb on the honey spleen on the bees shake off, the rest of the bees, with a bee sweep quickly sweep down the box, and then take honey spleen. Also can use chemical drugs 30% of lime acid and other volatile liquids, forcing bees to leave the honey spleen for a short time, when in the honey spleen frame beam drop a few drops on the line, can not use more, prohibit bees fly away. Then the upper vibrato moves.

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