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What Is The Effect Of Cellular Machinery On Honeycomb Packaging?

- Jul 26, 2017 -

1. Pallet, honeycomb cardboard pallet compared with wooden pallet, light weight, also have higher strength, can make ordinary flat pallet and single-sided tray, also can be made column type pallet structure.

2. Cushioning liner, honeycomb sandwich structure makes its cushioning performance better than the corrugated board, can be used to protect the inside of the whole buffer or local buffer.

3. Boxes, like corrugated boxes, honeycomb machinery can be processed into cartons, but generally only with a thin honeycomb cardboard to make cartons.

4. Angle support, ribs and other accessories, similar to cushion liner, honeycomb paperboard can be used as transport packaging parts of the angle and ribs, this is particularly suitable for the collection of packaging, play a protective role, reduce collision and friction, reduce damage.

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